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Hello! My name is Who Knows. I come from Vuti in the Volta Region of Ghana . The subject I always prefer to learn is mathematics and my best colour is red. In my leisure time I play football and the international language I would like to really learn is english.

Who Knows is a very calm and respectful boy. When he was brought to the Boys Home in 2011 he had difficulties in communicating with others as his first langue is Ewe, not Twi. However, with time he has learnt to speak Twi very well and now he is more than talkative. Who Knows is very good at socialising with other kids. He is also happy to participate in common tasks. After arriving at the Boys Home, Who Knows was sent to primary school level 4. At the beginning he struggled a lot and had to repeat one year. However, after improving his language skills and being given more support from the workers, his education performance improved and at the moment he is at jhs2. 

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